Decoding men and transforming the hidden blocks
that keep you from attracting the love you deserve.

The Man Breakthrough Experience

Why you must attend the Man Breakthrough Experience weekend in person!

Are you often left wondering what happened in your last relationship? Do you find yourself repeating the same mistakes time after time? Do you ever wonder how to communicate with men? If you want to find life changing ways of thinking that will provide clarity, healing, and transformation to your love life, The Man Breakthrough Experience is for you. With this revolutionary two and a half day seminar designed specifically for women, Kute Blackson walks attendees through a transformational learning experience that will unlock the hidden blocks that prevent women from attracting the type of man they desire. He provides authentic dating advice for women from men.

During The Man Breakthrough Experience, women will learn a unique and transformational process through note taking, theory study, and information gathering in order to obtain a unique insight into understanding men. Hidden blocks that prevent women from attracting the desired and well deserved love will also be examined. Full involvement, genuine transformation and far-reaching results will be found during this two and a half day journey.

While attending, women discover ways to unlock their hearts by identifying and clearing up any deep unconscious blocks, removing the emotional obstacles limiting them from experiencing true love, and stopping the destructive repetitive patterns that are keeping them from long lasting fulfilling relationships that are longed for but never obtained.

Kute Blackson desires to help women transform their internal thought process in order to attract their one true love. Helping women choose the right man who will reflect back the true beauty and value in their heart is his calling.

If you are ready to radically transform your relationship with yourself, men, and relationship itself, and learn how to meet a good man, The Man Breakthrough Experience will help you breakthrough your relationship barriers.

The seminar hours are (approximately):

  • Friday, October 9th from 8pm - 11pm

  • Saturday, October 10th from 10am - 11pm

  • Sunday, October 11th from 10am - 11pm

Due to the immersion and experiential nature of this experience, your participation in all sessions is a must. Please also note that times are approximate and the sessions might run later.

Location Info:
LAX Marriott Hotel
5855 West Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045