I designed The Man Breakthrough Experience as a two and a half day revolutionary, unique and experiential immersion seminar for women looking to find the missing key to having a successful relationship with men. I have designed it to give you the special insight needed to understand men like you never have before. My seminar gives you the man’s perspective and the clearing of the hidden blocks preventing you from attracting the man you truly desire. 

During the seminar, you will be guided in ways guaranteed to unlock your heart. Together, we will uncover any deep subconscious barriers to you genuinely experiencing true love. The seminar shows you how to identify emotional roadblocks that limit you, and remove the damaging and repetitive patterns that deny you the fulfilling relationship you desire. 

The objective of The Man Breakthrough Experience is to help you transform in such a powerful way that the man you attract reflects your true internal and external beauty, value and love. The Man Breakthrough Experience focuses on facilitating big breakthroughs in your relationships not only with men but also yourself, helping you play a better game in your life. Ultimately, The Man Breakthrough Experience provides a unique transformation process for women who want to let go of whatever is standing in the way of experiencing true love. It ultimately assists women in transforming themselves. When you transform, your energy will shift and will change the men you attract, your personal relationships and your life in general.

So, let me make this clear. Whether you are in a relationship or single, this weekend seminar will change your life! My sincere promise is that The Man Breakthrough Experience will save you years of energy and time that you otherwise would never have. 

Single women are not the only women that will benefit from this weekend. I have been blessed to help women in relationships with good guys but are still feeling…

  • Like they are tired of giving too much in a relationship, feeling unappreciated, unloved, and undervalued.
  • As though they are bound to be stuck in the same repetitive, painful patterns surrounding her relationships, time and again.
  • Like she would never find the right guy with whom she would truly feel safe, be truly loved and simply able to be her real self.
  • Has a deep desire to experience love in every aspect of her life.

The subject of The Man Breakthrough Experience, which is about helping you as women transform your relationship with men, is really just the beginning.

The subject of MEN is simply a bridge to have a conversation with you as a woman, about an area that is of importance and value to you. It is a means to explore yourself. It is a starting point.

Relationships and men often are one of those areas that tend to be hot spots, bringing up whatever might be unresolved for you, whether you were aware of it or not. You can read the books, have great information, but when you get into a relationship you can bet that whatever is unresolved will come up for you to face. 

This weekend is an opportunity to heal and transform yourself, and to release whatever might be in the way of you being the fullest expression of LOVE that you are. This weekend is about reconnecting you back to the source of your power and assisting you to live from that place. 

When you clear away whatever limits you that your relationships with men are likely to reveal, you will find that it won’t simply impact just your relationships but EVERY single area in your life. You will feel confident, alive, free and at peace within yourself, which will only make you more attractive and magnetic to men, opportunities, abundance and LOVE. 

My promise is that as a result of this weekend you will expand your capacity to love under ALL conditions. You will SEE, you will CONNECT with and you will FALL IN LOVE with yourself in ways that you have never before. Every area of your life will shift. Life will never be the same again. 

Here is what Carolina who attended The Man Breakthrough Experience said about the weekend: “I’ve spent pretty much a lifetime going to seminars and workshops on relationships. I am even certified as a relationship coach. 

So I came to the workshop with a lot of skepticism thinking, ‘Ok let’s see. ‘But I knew deep inside that there was something I needed to release. I needed to release this veil of protection that didn’t allow me to be vulnerable and to be open to receiving a relationship. 

And I have to say that I’ve been blown away by Kute’s ability to really get down to the core, open our hearts and really allow me to FEEL, which is what was missing in my life…. the feeling of being a woman and the power that goes with that feeling. So I would strongly, strongly recommend it to any woman.” 

I invite you to what will be a profoundly life changing experience. If you feel a call to attend The Man Breakthrough Experience weekend, I encourage you to TRUST yourself and commit. 

Commitment is the first step. 

Whether you are in a relationship or single this weekend seminar will change your life! My sincere promise is that The Man Breakthrough Experience will save you years of energy and time that you otherwise would never have. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

The Man Breakthrough Experience is a PROCESS. Every step of the process builds upon the next, starting from the moment that you sign up and commit, things will begin to shift inside of you. You will feel it. 

It is very important that you attend EVERY part of the weekend. If you skip one, then it affects the entire process. You see, my commitment isn’t just to give you some nice ideas, helpful tips, and then send you home feeling better. 

My commitment to you is nothing short of MASSIVE breakthroughs at the deepest levels of your mind, heart and soul. But in order for this to happen, you must commit, and go through the entire process. 

You might think, ‘How can this happen in a weekend?’. Trust me it does. The way I work with you is on many different levels. And so things will transform on many different levels as well, both conscious and unconscious, just by being in the room. 

Also, the way I see it, if you are really serious about transforming yourself and your relationship with men, you have to be able to take two and a half days to commit to yourself. You are worth it. If you don’t commit to you… why should anyone else? 

The reason I don’t sell this seminar on audio, is because the real transformation does not happen by listening to information, it happens by going through the experiential immersion process where you get to face yourself and FREE yourself. 

This weekend is an invitation to commit to yourself first and foremost. 

On one level if you are serious about transforming your relationship with yourself and your relationship with men…. You can’t afford NOT to attend this weekend. 

This will NOT just be another seminar where you take notes, gather information and nothing changes in your life. These 2 and half days will provide so much value on every level of your life that you will never be the same. 

It’s a chance once and for all to heal your deepest core patterns and wounds that have sabotaged and created pain in your relationships until now. 

The value of this is PRICELESS. 

I intentionally made The Man Breakthrough Experience Weekend so affordable because I wanted ALL women who were sincere and serious about transforming to have the opportunity to experience this powerful process. 

It requires that you make yourself and your transformation important. It is an investment in yourself that will profoundly impact not only your relationship with men but every single area of your life deeply. 

Many of us have spent money on so many things, such as: clothes, a hand bag, the hairdresser, a nice vacation, or shoes. These things might bring a temporary high, but attending The Man Breakthrough Experience Weekend is a commitment to yourself. 

The investment you make in yourself this weekend is an investment that will not only come back to you ten-fold but it is a gift that keeps on giving long after the weekend is over. 

I decided to address you amazing mothers in a special video just for you. Please listen to my thoughts below and I urge you to reconsider and come to this weekend. It is a gift to yourself that will impact your child in the most profound way. 

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